Talent Sourcing And Recruitment For Schools

Are national adverts failing to deliver the calibre of senior leaders you need?

We know that finding the right person to bring additionality to your school leadership team is a huge undertaking. Premier Teachers have designed a highly effective, cost-effective recruitment process to enable you to focus on the potential and quality in the field while we do the leg-work.
Our services include:

Our specialised and direct approach offers a wealth of recruitment solutions drawn from our expert understanding of the educational sector. Excellence in recruitment is guaranteed by our team of expert senior consultants, experienced school leaders and current headteachers working as partners and associates.

Bringing new leadership talent to your school

We are ready to engage with the Headteacher, Governing Body, Sponsors and wider partners to gain a detailed understanding of your school’s mission, objectives and precise leadership needs. This stage of planning goes beyond the traditional ‘recruit to role’ method in that we enable you to identify the specific value-added you need from your next recruit. You will work with a schoolleadership level recruitment specialist who has overseen the recruitment of thousands of candidates and created celebrated recruitment processes.

We will work with you to carve out the ideal person specification and profile for the post and pinpoint the desirable and essential skills, experiences and specialisms you need.

When the post is ready, we will launch the process of surveying our networks to source and present to you a high-calibre field of potential educational leaders.

Our basic recruitment support package includes

Identifying candidates from our database of educational leaders

Consultation with our extensive network of contacts in the education sector via headhunting – we approach currently employed, passive candidates as a key way to bring high quality talent to your school

Positioning your school at the front of the market by using a range of online and offline promotion strategies

Completing an initial candidate screen via competency alignment interviews using the national 'Domains of Excellence'

A comprehensive system of background and reference checks providing quality information for informed decision making

The management and facilitation of the interview process

Candidate management, feedback, contractual agreement and role acclimitisation

Additional services such as CPD and extended coaching can be added on to this package

Run for educators by experienced senior leaders, we are experts in our field and are trusted by schools to match essential leadership qualities with the evolving complexities of school life.

Service Levels

Permanent senior leadership recruitment

We’ll invest time to understand your school, your strategic plans and outcomesdriven needs. Working with the Headteacher and governing body, we will adopt an immersive approach to understanding your school’s unique ethos and leadership structures to enable us to find the most attuned leadership candidates to meet your needs. Our expert use of the National Standards for Headteachers 'Domains of Excellence' will steer you in refining the person specification you need to fill the gap in your team. This in-depth process will enable us to be your school’s ambassador and promote you effectively to the best candidates on the market.

We develop long-term relationships with candidates, regardless of whether they are actively looking for a new position. We know their competencies, aptitudes and career aspirations and have created bespoke candidate pools from which we can quickly produce shortlists of highly relevant, pre-screened candidates for a variety of roles and disciplines.

Interim contingency recruitment

We’ll engage fully compliant and exceptional candidates who’ll hit the ground running. Our interim solutions can be deployed for:

  • Peaks in workload i.e. during exam times or Ofsted preparation
  • Maternity or long-term illness cover
  • Niche permanent hire whilst timely searches are undertaken
  • Responses to urgent improvements emerging from Ofsted inspection

We’ll support you through each stage of appointment, including managing compliance, onboarding, contracts, pay and conditions and invoicing, to reduce the time you spend on administration. Our ongoing induction programme has been designed to retain contact with you and appointee to ensure they are able to work with impact from the outset.

For an individualised pricing plan, contact mike@premierteachers.co.uk

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