Online Tutoring FAQs

23rd Mar 2020

What do I need?

Laptop with webcam and headset ideally or a PC with a webcam.

To download which is our free online classroom

How are lessons structured?

Like a normal lesson but just online. We ask you what topics of problem areas you need help with in lesson 1 which is getting to know you and your focus areas first half of the lesson. Second half we do some teaching and then lessons are planned in over a diary of days and weeks.

How do I choose a tutor?

Our tutor manager will select a tutor we think is most appropriate. We will then send a summary profile of their key experience and skills and availability. You then agree you are happy to proceed, and a first lesson is booked in.

How do I get onto the online classroom?

You firstly need to download our online classroom. A meeting invite will be sent by the tutor to you. You then click on the link and log into the lesson. You can either see each other like a Skype call or hide the faces, we will work with what your preference is.

Are tutors’ teachers?

Yes, or trainee teachers’. We only work with skilled professionals not people who have no teaching experience or deep subject knowledge.

How much does this cost?

£40 for Primary or GCSE lesson per hour

£45 for A level or above.

We encourage everyone to buy 10 lessons as progression will not be made in one lesson or a few, research shows 10 hours is the minimum to see an impact. We track as the lessons are used up and upfront payment is made.

How safe is this:

Lessons are recorded and all staff are vetted to the highest possible DFE standards. All staff have enhanced DBS certificates and references taken up. Vetting can be provided to you if you wish.

How effective is tutoring?

Research shows tutoring can improve performance as much as two grades. Reference the Sutton Trust for research on tutoring.

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