Sitting eloquently on the River Wear in the north east of England, Durham is a historic location well known for its Norman cathedral and 11th century castle. The city even boasts its very own ‘dark side’, owing to the infamous HM Prison.

Keep on your guard though: a merry canter through the streets of Durham can soon be subverted by the incursion of heritage-hungry tourists who are never far away.

And why would that be?

Well, Durham plays host to a historic market place, with both indoor and outdoor attractions; it boasts vibrant and lively commercial and city shopping areas and the stunning university buildings and iconic Durham cathedral serve to match any and all inquisitive tastes. There’s always something to do in Durham. However, if you’re just wanting to kick back and relax and cast an eye on its heritage, then you’re sure to be amazed when you step out of the silhouettes of the city and into the conservation area of its borders. Furthermore, with over 630 listed buildings, Durham is a magnificent display of rural meeting with rustic city.

Take it from us…

You are sure to welcome Durham just as much as she welcomes you.